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All I Want Christmas Star Mariah Carey Earns Shocking Amount Each Year Just From Copyrights

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Mariah Carey’s who created the song “All i want for Christmas” is earning a huge amount every year. As this song is played every year on Television and Radio. The copyrights are rightful belongs to Mariah Carey and she charge for playing her song every year.

As a report she earns about 376,000 Pounds every year.  All i want Christmas was also a hit on spotify list of the most streamed Christmas song of the year.

It is not only Mariah who is earning money on every year. There are some other song writers and singer who are earning a good money on Christmas. Noddy Holder and Jim Lea the song writers of “Merry Xmas Everybody” are earning 500,000 pounds. Pogues the band who sung “Fairytale of New York”. Paul McCartney who is singer and song writer earns about 250,000 pound for “wonderful Christmas time”.

Here is All that Christmas is you

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