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Indian Guy Became The King Of Undisputed Land Between Egypt And Sudan

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We all dream of having a kingdom where we can live our own life. Where we never have to do any kind of work. A kingdom in which we live like a king. People kept on dreaming for a kingdom but this Indian guy find a unresolved territory and declared it its own Kingdom.

Yes you read that right this Indian Guy ruler or king of Dixit. This Indian Guy read about the customs and International laws. After that he came to know about the undisputed land. He found a land with no jurisdiction. This Indian named as Suyash Dixt became the ruler or King of Dixt. He named the land as Kingdom Of Dixit.

This land is situated between Egypt and Sudan. This undisputed territory had no jurisdiction. Therefore he found it the best for his kingdom. This land had a name Bir Tiwali.

The land is not owned by any country which meant that it was open to occupy. He declared his kingdom on facebook by creating a facebook page and announcement.

Suyash made a brief research that how can he occupy the undisputed land. He read customs and also did brief research of International Laws.

Suyash was living in India. He traveled about 400 km to reach its destination.

In Early civilizations¬† “If someone want to claim land then they needed to grow crops on it”. Suyash did the same and put seeds in the ground and water them.

He also made the flag of his country and declared himself the President of Kingdom of Dixit.

He went further and opened a website in which he inviting people for Visit or Nationality applications.

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