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In some countries there is left hand drive while in other countries it is right hand drive. But what is logic in driving left side or right side of the road.

Majority of the countries drives right side of the road. More then 129 countries drives in right side of the road. There are only 76 countries that uses left side of the road. And there are also few territories who drives in left side of the road.

But whats the reason behind driving in left side?

It all started from ancient Rome. Romans use to steer their carts and chariots with their left hand. They use to steer with left and use right hand for holding weapons. Romans use right hand to fight with the enemies. This ritual later adopted in Europe.

In 1773, British government pass a law that there will be left-hand traffic law.

But at that time France was in favour of right hand drive. Napoleon who was French Soldier use his right hand for driving while he use left hand for fight. Because Napoleon was left handed.

Britain and France Brought there driving style to respective countries. Those countries where Britain and France ruled have adopted their driving style. Like in India where Britain ruled.

In United States Freight Wagons were use to carry luggage. These Freight wagons were massive and have six or more then six horses to pull that wagon. The driver who controls the wagon use to sit on right side of the wagon making it more easy to control. Traffic was also shifted to right to avoid collisions.

Many countries shift to right to fit with their neighbors.

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