steve jobs 10 hidden facts about apple

10 hidden facts about apple | Interesting and wired fact

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Apple inc is the world most biggest company. They started with the garage and now they are the most profitable company with the net worth of more then 600 billion. apple is now going to launch a new smartphone iphone but some people are saying that It could be named as iphone x or iphone edition.

There are some unknown facts about apple that everyone should need to know. Lets look at the top 10 apple inc features that no body knows.

Top 10 hidden facts about apple incĀ 

  1. The Apple had three founders. We all know about steve jobs but there was also steve wozniak. Apple inc was started from steve wozanaik garage. The third person was Ronald Wayne who also contributed equally to start the apple inc. The first ever logo of apple inc was also made by ronald wayne. Later on Ronald Wayne sold his apple inc shares to Steve jobs as he thought that apple inc will not be successful in the future. Those shares have more then 40 billion worth.
  2. To start apple inc steve jobs sold his car and calculator. That calculator had a price of 500 dollar.
  3. Steve jobs was adobted kid. He was adobted by Paul and Claira Jobs. Paul was a high school drop out and Claira also did not finish her studies.
  4. In 1986 Apple started to sell garments. This idea did not worked and floped badly.
  5. Steve Jobs claims that apple’s slide to unlock features was copied by samsung and apple sued samsung for this.

Samsung Manufacture Apple Display

  1. Ipad retina display of apple is manufactured by samsung. Apple inc thinks that by manufacturing from samsung can reduce cost and time.
  2. There are rumors that Steve jobs stole the idea of mouse from xerox. Steve visited the xerox factory and saw the mouse he came back to his office and asked his workers to duplicate this.
  3. Steve jobs and jonathan ive who is the lead designer of the apple inc wear the same cloths in every video conference.
  4. Apple mac book battery is bulletproof. They made the battery bulletproof proof so that user can remain safe from battery explotion.
  5. Bill Gates steal the idea of window from steve jobs. Steve jobs asked bill gates to make window but later on bill gates launched the window by himself.

Bill Gates Gave Cash To Apple

  1. In 1997 apple was in need of cash and bill gates helped them for this.
  2. World Most expensive iphone worth more then 15 million US dollar
  3. Now apple have cash more then America.
  4. Apple can buy top 500 companies on this planet. Including tesla motors, coco cola disney netflix.
  5. In last days of steve life he started a war against the android as according to his review android steals ideas.

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