Aamir Khan Divorced Faryal Makhdoom as she had affair with someone

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Aamir Khan Divorced Faryal Makhdoom as she had affair with someone

Amir Khan the legendary British Boxer Pakistani born divorce his wife Faryal Makhdoom. As a report Amir khan said that he had done this because she was having affair with the heavy weight champion Anthony Joshua.

Amir Khan took this divorce on social media when he posted the tweet about his divorce with Faryal Makhdoom on internet.

But Faryal Makhdoom denied of cheating with Amir Khan. She said that she was not cheating on him infact Aamir Khan was cheating on her. She wrote in her tweet that



I’ am sure you left your family because they robbed you? Not because of me. Stop making false things up.

Furthermore she said that you are accusing another boxer because of your boxing career is finished. Faryal Makhdoom also said that she was there for him when he was in need. And after all these sacrifices you are calling me gold digger?



Faryal Makhdoom said that she pays house bills and also pay for their child expenditure, I have done everything I could and you are bashing me like that.

Note : Amir Khan scandal was leaked on internet where Amir was found naked in the video and masturbating.

She taunted the Amir khan with this incident that im not the one who’s scandal are made every month with pants down. Cheater

Faryal Makhdoom said that his boxing career is finished that’s why he is making false news.

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