Clash of Clans New Update And New Features

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Clash of clans became the biggest hits with  almost 100 million downloads it was a best mobile strategy game when it was released then later on more games were released and clash of clans lost its charm. It has now less active users then before so company supercell came up with the solution to change the look and decided to add some new features to it

lets have quick look on some of the new features

starting the game it has all new opening and it looks great .it shows a boat where all troops are on board .this is the boat that clash of clans were showing in some trailers .all team is here barbarians wizard hog rider etc

Ops I got attacked and it seems like storage are safe as I build to protect storage not the star. My base is not so much rocking bt its all right .looking at the base there is nothing new here

like nothing new in army barracks or defence

if we look at news section it shows some of the new buildings and new battle mode

there is a new gem mine and clock tower and we will check out what exactly it is

but if we go to check out the boat and by rebuilding it it will take us to new  base

and we have to build all new base once again we got totally new looking star labatatory

and barbarian are also much different and there is also bright lights on buildings

talking about war and its bit changed now .now if you attack on some opponent and get some persentage damage and opponent will attack at you again and if he destroyed more of your village then you destroyed his village then he will win and if you made more damage then you will win

in this update builder will tell you what to chose to upgrade .how many resources are left and what can be upgrate

there is old barbarian statue that we talked about and clock tower

in army its same as barracks and army camp and labatatory but with different shapes

in defence there are same type of walls and cannon but there is a double cannon which is new

archer tower is same bt with some update in design

push traps are new that  will just push you away not throw you out of the base

hidden tesla is same

firecrackers are new buzz in town

crusher is also new I dont know what it can do exactly

same spring traps

mines are upgraded in design

guard post is new thing and I will check this out latter

air bombs are same

guard post is new thing and I will check this out latter

mega mine is a giant bomb

multi mortar is new

roaster is totally new and its coming soon

giant canon are also coming soon and the mega tesla

thats all of the detail I have done some attacks make sure to check them out

Watch video here


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