New Iphone Will Not Be Named As “Iphone 8” What Will Be Its New Name?

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iphone 8 will have a name name rather then iphone 8

iphone 8 will have a name name rather then iphone  

Iphone 8 will not be iphone 8. This year Apple is going to introduce new Iphone. According to company they have decided to completely change their smartphone shape. They will come up with more advance and big screen. There is news circulating  that they are also changing their smartphone name.

From last few years they iphone was name as iphone 4,5,6,7 but now they have decided to not name as “iphone 8” or “iphone x” . The all new Apple iphone will be named as “Iphone addition” . They said that they are changing their name as this iphone will be best smartphone among all. Moreover, they also decided to change Apple watch name to “Watch Addition” .

Latest research also shows that this iphone will be one of the most expensive phone ever. The price will  start from 1000 US dollar . There will be three models represented this year. One will be iphone addition and other will be 7s and 7s plus respectively. Iphone 7 and 7s plus will be of low price and with few less features.

There is no official news released from Apple Inc but sources claims that they are going for this huge change .

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