Kapil Sharma Firangi Movie Trailer

Kapil Sharma Firangi Movie Trailer Is Out Now

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Kapil sharma upcoming movie trailer is released. This is the movie in which Kapil Sharma talked in every episode of Kapil Sharma Show.

Kapil sharma is looking awesome in this movie. This movie is based upon love and comedy and it seems like its dated back before the partition,

Story starts when kapil shama was seen as naughty boy, But he had special healing power of fixing people back. Later on he gets job in British office. Kapil Sharma puts some comedy in this trailer. But the real story is love between kapil and the girl. They both love each other but her father is not agree on their marriage because he is servant of British officer. For rest of the movie you have to watch the film but the film is looking to good. The story is looking impressive.

Firangi Movie Trailer

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