Left for dead: A doctor’s account of rescuing a six-year-old rape victim

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Five days ago, a six-year-old girl was foundin a drain near the Korangi Crossing in Karachi where she was left to die after being raped. Her throat was slit. Miraculously, she survived, was rescued and taken to the Civil Hospital. The doctor who initially examined the girl writes her account.

Her eyes were still as she lay covered in a flimsy white sheet on a gurney in the ambulance. The gurney was metallic and I couldn’t help but think how cold she must be.

I reached out towards her and touched her arm. I was startled at how deathly cold it was and wondered if she was still alive.

“No, no doctor sahb, see, she is breathing!” the ambulance driver told me. Immediately, all hell broke loose.

The cries of “She is alive!” echoed outside the hospital as doctors and paramedics rush toward the ambulance.

It was painful to even look at her. Her throat was slit open almost ear to ear.

My numb mind couldn’t register how she must have survived even a few minutes with the clotted blood in the gaping wound of her neck, let alone a few hours. “You mean, she was lying in the kachra kundifor the last two hours?” the paramedics asked in disbelief. “Give or take a few”, I replied.

She suddenly twitched and that’s when I realised I was still holding her hand. As I gently moved my hand up her arm to comfort her, I felt a raw patch on her skin. I gasped as I saw another deep wound on her wrist.

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