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man from enthopia
People around the earth wants to stay fit and sharp. To do so they exercise daily and eat a healthy food. Some people keep body building their first priority in their life. Women also workout to make their body slim and smart. Even they stay on a boiled diet plan to make their body leans. But enthopia tribe is different from others.
fat man from enthopia
There is a tribe in Enthopia which does not believe the odds of world but they have their own odd. The people of Enthopia wants to get fat as much as they can. This tribe aim to make their waistline as big as possible. This tribe name is bodi. Men of these tribes only consumes fresh cow milk and also their blood.enthopia tribe rituals

More surprisingly their women also finds fat man attractive. They think that more fat a man will be he will be more attractive. Families choose unmarried man from their respective families and isolate them.

Women in the morning take milk from cow and also blood from them. And then Women provides cow milk and blood to each men. During this event men are not allowed to go near the women or have sex with them.
How they take blood from cow? Well they do not kill the cow to take out there blood which is good thing. But they take out blood by cutting through their veins. They cut their vein by sharp axe, and after taking the desired amount of blood they paste a clay on wound of cow. With this behaviour cows are bit afraid from this tribe.
This blood and milk is taken to the tribes men. Some of them drink blood without hesitate while others find difficulty in drinking. Some of them even refuse to drink. Men take milk and blood throughout the days for 6 months regularly.
After the long six months the competition day arrives where Family members represent their son. Before leaving from the hut they cover themselves with clay and some burn ashes from burn woods.


After that a man is selected and given the award “Honour Men Of Tribe”

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