Top 10 Most Amazing Facts around the Globe | Strange Facts of World

Top 10 Most Amazing Facts around the Globe | Strange Facts of World

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Welcome to spidee scoop here we bring some of the coolest and amazing facts around the globe

lets have a quick look at it

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No 10. Parking For Ladies

Well some ladies have problem in parking. well japan came out with the solution to resolve this and came to this solution. in japan there is pink marked parking is reserved for women it is wider then other parking spaces.

No 9. IMAX

Imax cinema is know for there quality but behind that quality they have weight around 1300 kg equal to elephant it cost around 5 million dollar .it has so bright light that if you point it on sky it can be seen easily by astranounts on space station orbiting around earth

08. Massive Earthquake

Well earthquake always make mass destruction but in china in 1556 earthquake killed almost 830000 people. it was strucked in shensi province in china

07. Bruce Lee

Bruce lee made his impact in martial arts.bruce lee movies are mostly about martial arts skill. but few of you know that he also won dance compitetion .he won cha cha championship in 1958

06. Bill Gates

In 1994 bill gates purchased a book named as leonardo da vinci’s codex hammer by spending 30 million (30,802,500 )3 year later he released digital version of this book so that all people can enjjoy

05. Donald Trump

American president candinate of 2016 yes donald trump was once appeared in a playboy soft porn video he can also be found naked in kayne west music video famous,

04. Einstein

When einstein was about to die he refused to go through surgery by sayingg “i want to go when I want .it is tasteless to prolong life artificaially .i have done my share it is time to go .i will do it elegantly. And also einstain was died as virgin I dont know how they checked his virganity but they said so

03. Khadijah

Khadijah williams whats amazing about her is she achieved harvard university instead of being homeless .yes true that girl living in streets but she always dressed well in school her fellow sudents wasnt able to realize that she is homeless.she was known as the smart girl.

02. Obsidian

Obsidian blades are used as a surgical tools since stoneage .these blades are so sharp that it can cut individual cell into half. While little damage to surrounding.if surgeros use this tools in surgery with theses tool patient can heal faster

01.Wilma Rudolph

As a newborn Wilma Rudolph world fastest women she won 4 olymic medals most amazing thing about her is that she survived polio ,scarlet fever and double pneumonia she was also born prematurely she also had to wear a brace for a twisted leg.

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