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This world is created so precisely that if you move a single thing everything could be destroyed. The presence of sun, the sun at the right distance to provide energy. What if sun comes closer to Earth? The answer is everything will burn. If sun moves from its place every planet orbiting around the sun will be effected. Planets orbiting system will be effected and they will start to orbit in some other manner.

What will happen if earth stop revolving?

Earth revolves around Sun and also revolve in its own axis. What is somehow Earth stops rotation in its own axis? Due to rotation of the Earth gravity is produced. That gravity is the essential part of our life. Without gravity we can not live on Earth. Its gravity that keeps us attached to the ground. No rotation means no gravity and no gravity means everything on Earth will start to fly in horizontal direction. Everything include people, trees small rocks will start to fly in horizontal direction at the speed of over 1600km/h. It will be because there will be no gravity that will pull them to ground but there will be still gravitational force of Sun which is still applying gravitational force on Earth. And with the effect of this force things will start to fly.

Other effect of no gravity will be on ocean and rivers. Water is also influenced by gravity. It is due to gravity that makes water stick to ground. So if there is no gravity then water will raise more then height of mountain. Sun gravity will make them to move the water waves at extreme speed. Every place on Earth will be filled with water and no dry place will be left on Earth to survive.

Ozone layer which is present around the Earth to protect the Earth from dangerous radiation coming from sun will no longer be present. Radiation coming from sun will cause skin cancer.

Earth rotates in 24 hour around its axis. That is the reason our days are 24 hour long. But after the Earth stops rotation there will be no 24 hour day. Earth moves around the sun in 365 days that makes one year. One side of Earth will be completely hot and other side of Earth will be completely cold for six months each. That means there will be summer for six months and there will be cold for months. Every forest will burn for 6 months. No life no forest no habitat will be left on Earth.

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