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While working on some projects either its school or university project or its some kind of business project you need every thing to be well organized. Technology and some software are making your life easier. Many software are introduced which helps you improve you daily life and schedule your daily goals. Microsoft introduce planner for android play store.

Microsoft planner

Microsoft steps further in project management software and in last summer Microsoft introduced Planner which is further advancement in Office 365. It could be described as a Trello style kanban board. Last week microsoft introduced ios version of Planner which will be available for all Apple products, includes iphone, ipad , mac. Now Microsoft is planning to bring Planner to Android.

This application is expert of all management tool applications. With the help of this application you can

trace starting date and ending date of a project. You can also assign responsibilities to certain people so you can keep a track which person was assigned with the task. Share files with your teammates and also can chat with them to discuss ideas and project detail. Those person who were already using Office 365 will be able to recognize the User interface of the this app as it has same pattern. Your project process is nicely presented in this app. The Planner also comes up with the compatibility with multiple devices and operating systems, you can easily manage progress wherever you want and whenever you want.

Those who have office 365 subscription can download from Android store. While others can still enjoy through apk mirror.

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