Marvel Avengers Characters Might Die In Avengers Infinity War

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Avengers Infinity War Trailer was released and people loved it so much. People are excited to watch that film. The trailer is more exciting when there is Dr. Strange and guardian of the galaxy team is also there. Not to forget Iron Man is also going to use his Iron Man Hulk Buster in this film.

By making a guess we have estimated that these characters might die in avengers infinity war

1. The collector

Collector is the brother of The Grand master. As we know the collector have the red gem stone, So if Thanos had taken it then it might be chances that Thanos have killed The collector

2. War machine

As after the serious injuries in the Captain America Civil War it is impossible this time for war machine to survive from such great villain Thanos.

3. Iron Man

Tony Stark is the mean lead of avengers. Without him there are no jokes and fun in avengers. It will be very hard to lose Tony Stark in this film. But there are chances that he might end up his life.

4. Captain America

Captain America is strongest human. But captain is not immortal so he can get himself killed.

5. Drax The Destroyer

As you already know guardian of the galaxy team is in the avengers infinity war. Drax is the part of guardian of the galaxy. But in the film he is brave as well as stupid.

Drax have some old concerns with Thanos. As Thanos killed Drax family so Drax will try his level best to defeat Thanos but Thanos is way stronger then Drax.

6. Loki

In the Thor Ragnarok you have seen loki in bright side. But Loki can flip tables in no time. It is not clear which side loki will pick in this film. But there is a chance that he will sacrifice his life for brother Thor.

7. Hawkeye

Hawkeye have some skills and talent but he is still a human being. This human being have no superpowers etc. Not an ideal person to deal with Thanos and his army this time.

8. Vision

In the trailer you have seen that Thanos is getting gem from the vision. But there is still chance that he might live even after gem taken out.

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