Ring Found Written Allah on it in vikings graveyard

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Traces of Islam is found in every era and in everywhere. There were many things were discovered that were being used by the muslims. After Islam spread muslim moved to every location in the world. A ring found in vikings grave and allah written on it.

Ring found in viking women grave

Now a ring was found in the grave of vikings. Vikings are also called as pirates they steal gold and jewels and mostly travel by sea. They were at peak when most of the trade was on sea and they used to steal from the ships.

This ring that is almost 1000 years old have connection with Islam as it is written “Allah” on it. The ring was found in the vikings graveyard. It was found in the viking women grave. It is possible that the vikings stole it from muslims or muslim gave that ring to viking.


a ring allah written on it

The ring was casted with high-grade silver with 94.5/5.5ag/cu. The ring was not much worn by anyone. It is said that the ring was just passed to women. And then buried with viking women.

Ring found Allah written on it

Researchers of Stockholm University used electron microscope to get detail of that ring and get to know about the material used in this ring. They came to know that coloured glass was used and was Allah written in Kufic writing. The writing used by arabs at that time.

Allah is clearly written on the stone of the ring. Some scientist said that the stone is violet amethyst, but now it is said that it is coloured glass with Allah written on it. Coloured glass was one of the expensive material at that time.

Nearly 3400 years ago there was a trade between Egypt and Mesopotamia they used to trade coloured glass. So it is also said that vikings got the glass from exchange. And there was also trade text on ring between vikings and islamic civilizations.

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