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Fifa Suspends Pakistan From International Football

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The federation internationale de football association (FIFA) decided to suspend the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF). On this wednesday the fifa decided that they will no longer have association with PFF and will take this effect immediately.

“The FIFA took this decision because PFF offices and accounts remain in control of the court-appointed administrator, which constitutes the violation of the PFF obligations to manage its affairs independently and without influence from any third party in accordance with FIFA ” FIFA said

FIFA Further said that if PFF takes the charges of PFF they will continue the association.

After the suspension PFF has lost all its membership rights as defined in article 13 of the FIFA statutes. Meanwhile, the PFF representative and club teams are also no longer entitled to take part in FIFA.

This means that Pakistan Football Federation will never be part of FIFA or any of its member or officials may benefit from FIFA. Those PFF member can not take part in any development programmes, course or training conducted by FIFA.

Things to noticed that Pakistan ranked 200th from 211th of total teams in FIFA in world Ranking. And never played an international match after draw with Yemen in 2015 World cup.

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