women tearing her burqa

Women Tearing off her burqa and celebrating soon after she got freedom from ISIS

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A lady has been shot ripping off her dark burqa after her house was freed from ISIS, Kurdish powers have asserted.

It comes as troopers battling the Islamic fear bunch are on the precarious edge of recovering Raqqa – a noteworthy fortification in Syria.

The clasp was discharged by the People’s Protection Units and demonstrates the obscure lady embracing warriors before kissing the ground.

Isis have held the city since 2014 amid which time they forced shariah law in the territory.

The thrilled lady can likewise be seen ripping off the dark burqa forced on all ladies by the radicals previously bouncing for happiness.

Mustafa Bali of the Kurdish-drove Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said today that savage road fights are continuous close to the primary healing center in Raqqa, which was at one time the accepted capital of the radicals.

SDF contenders propelled an operation to retake the latter IS-held pocket of Raqqa after somewhere in the range of 275 aggressors and their relatives surrendered.

Activists said the individuals who surrendered were taken to a SDF-run jail in the adjacent town of Tabqa, where they are being investigated before being put on trial.


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