North Korea

North Korea came into being in 1948 with slogan of socialism

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North Korea came into being in 1948 with slogan of socialism. Population of North Korea is merely 25 million. It’s a small country almost size of our KPK roughly. Most of the land empty. They speak Korean and their capital is Pyongyang. North Korea has been ruled by Kim Sung family. Current leader of North Korea is Kim Jong son of previous president. He is very young guy. Education and health is responsibility of state. State provide education and health free of cost. Moreover food is very cheap. Everything is under control of state.

North Korea shares border with China, Russia and South Korea. Official stance of North Korean government is South Korea belong to them and South Korea is part of North Korea. They don’t consider any border with South Korea. They call it KDZ. Korean Demilitarized Zone. North Korea is always in the news because of their strong stance against USA, South Korea and Japan as well. Japan used to rule Korean Peninsula and Japanese imperial state was infamous for their brutality and war crimes. North Korea have hostile relations with Japan because of Japanese history in that region. North Korea has very limited diplomatic missions in other countries. Pakistan has maintained balanced relations with North Korea. China has very strong ties with NK. Helped the country after severe economic sanctions. NK have pretty good army and advance missile technology.

Only few people are aware of the social categorization of North Koreans. Establishment of North Korea has divided their population in 3 groups. Group A is for those people who are loyal to the regime. Assigned parameter is if your grandfather and father were loyal to regime then you will fall in category A. All important posts, jobs and previligeis will be given to this group. They will be able to get higher positions in army and stretgeic positions. There are other benefits as well.

Category B is for those people whose father was loyal to regime but not grandfather. They will be given benefits but not like category A. They can get government jobs but they will not be able to get senior posts rest of their lives.

Rest of the public will fall in Category C. If your grandfather or father was not loyal to the regime you will not be able get government posts. You are not eligible for many state benefits. If your father or grandfather was part of any resistance against the regime you will be penalized for of rest of your life through different methods.

Category C people are not allowed to leave the country. The only way to leave country is by crossing border illegally. You will be killed or jailed if captured. Category B although enjoy some benefits but they are also not allowed to leave country. Only category A is allowed to leave country but they also need clearance from different departments before their exit. If you want to study abroad it’s not possible if you belong to category B and C. This system gives regime firm control on their public to keep them loyal with the regime. All the media, electronic or print is state controlled. Category B and C have access to the news and literature which has been published by the regime. All news and literature revolves around the cult personality of the presidents and War mongering that country is in threat by foreign forces. Category A is also not having full access to outside world. No Facebook, no YouTube, no international channels no newspapers. Regime has implemented one of the most strict and effective way in keeping the regime intact. Nobody knows for sure what is the actual condition of general public. Foreigners are not allowed to enter the country usually. Special visa required to enter with guided tour. Security officer will monitor your whole trip. International Journalists have limited access. They cannot roam freely. They cannot report independent. Tourists are also not allowed to roam freely. Their tour will be observed and guided by security officer. Only those places are open to them which they have assigned with limited access. They cannot take pictures of government buildings and they cannot show any sign of disrespect to the regime.

Pakistani who think Kim Jong is the best leader in the world should know what he is doing with the country. One of the poorest country and running it with war mongering and hate propaganda.

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