You can now install Samsung device maintenance from play store

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device maintenance

There are many applications on play store through which you can enhance performance of your mobile and also maintain the battery condition of your phone. Similar type of application know as Samsung “Device Maintenance” is present in samsung s6 and s7 series. If you are samsung s6 or s7 user then you probably enjoyed using this application.

But from now on, those who do not have samsung mobiles can still enjoy this application. Samsung launches “Device Maintenance” on play store . This application is much better then other applications on play store with bunch of other features like it can also perform security check of your mobile.

When you open this application, screen will show the percentage of your mobile performance. For example it will collect data of your mobile and will show how good is performance of your mobile. And it will rate it out of 100 example 81/100.By just clicking on optimize phone, your phone automatically starts optimizing your phone. It can also free up your unnecessary RAM efficiently.

You can tap on battery menu and can increase battery performance. This can increase you mobile battery performance tremendously .Maximum power saving mode allows you to extend the period of time. It will also displays which app cunsume  much energy and needed to be shut off.

This app can also track unnecessary data from your phone and remove it.

You can also select from different performance modes to perform according to your desired. These moods are optimize mode, game mode , entertainment mode, and high performance mode.

This app is also a safeguard againt the viruses and spyware. This app block the viruses providing the protection for your phone.

You can download this application from here

Device Maintenance (Free, Google Play) →

Must try this application as it will increase the performance of the device.

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