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South Korea is trying to occupy the whole world. For this purpose they are making new weapons every day. They are preparing for a war.  south korea is trying to build weapons of mass destruction, missiles, tanks and many more. They are also planing for Nuclear bomb. To make a nuclear bomb they are making experiments day by day.

volcano exploding south korea

South Korean executing those experiments near a volcanic mountain named as (mount paektu) . Due to strong heat radiations of nuclear reactors the volcano is raising day by day. If this volcano explodes it will effect South and Korea,   and China. But radiations from this volcano can cause global destruction and will have effect on Earth Weather.

This Volcano mountain is present near China boarder. According to scientist this volcano exploded nearly thousands year before. The time when it was exploded, its ashes reaches the South Japan. Last time this volcano activity happened in 1903 and made a huge destruction. Scientist have fear that due to maximum radiations of the nuclear reactors volcano can explode.

This mountain Is as part of religion for the people of South Korea. Ruler of South Korea Kim Jong was born in near this mountain.

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