Five Ghost Town In Which You Can Pay Money To Live

Top Five Ghost Town In Which You Can Pay Money To Live

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There are many ghost towns in the world that are abandoned by people. These town were populated and they were living happy life but due to some reasons they have to leave the town all at once. In this article we will discus some those ghost towns.
Five Ghost Town In Which You Can Pay Money To Live
1. Hashima Island Present near Japan
This town was know for the coal mines. There are some mines near this island through coal are extracted. The mining was started in 1881. People started to came here to live and to do jobs There were more then five thousands residents on this island. The only occupation of these residents was mining. After 1974 when all coal was extracted there were no work to left. After this everyone left this island. There are no one living on this island now.
2. Kolmanskop
When German came looking for diamond they found a huge storage of diamond here. After that they started to live here. They started to build bar and hospital and other facilities here. When a diamond rich area found near the coast line. People started to move towards the coast line. They left their houses and their valuable things behind. After that Kolmanshop started to disappear due to the desert.
3. Houses in Craco
These houses are present at the hillside of the town. Houses were build in 8th century. These houses are on edge of the mountain approximately at the height of 1300 feet. These houses were always hit by some of the natural disasters. These natural disaster made people to leave and some found dead. These houses are open for visitors. The guardian of these houses charge a heave money for staying in this house. There are also some religious festivals held in this town.
4. Pripyat
This city is present in Ukraine. There were huge number of population living in this city, This city contains hospital, schools parks and every facilities you can imagine. As an estimate there were more then 50,000 people living in this city.
There was a disaster in the Chernobyl Nuclear plant this plants explodes and area was filled with radiations. People were forced to move quickly. The evacuation was so fast that people did not find time to pack their bags.
5.Garnet’s Cabins


There were more then one thousands people living in these cabins. These cabins were made up of woods . And they were present at the center of the forest. Peoples who used to live in these cabins were doing mining in the area. Once worked is finished people moved to other cities. This place is best for tourism and also very cheap.

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